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Benefit from years of expertise to make a success of your projects. Services dedicated to HPC are our historical activity. Tell us your uses, your level of comfort and your expectations then… rely on us for the rest.

A strong expertise and a wide range of professional services in HPC & numerical simulation at your service to help you design, develop and support your project.
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Infrastructure on Premise

Depending on your needs, you can opt for custom-made clusters we design for you or a package starting from 4 computing nodes. Define your own software stack or choose our software suite for a greater ease.

Hosted Infrastructure

If you don’t want to manage your IT infrastructures, we can host your cluster in one of our 13 data centers connected by an efficient peering network. We can build solutions from your specifications on a project basis.

Installation & Training

OS Installation, Job scheduler, MPI libraries… From hardware integration, to software deployment and the training of your teams, we put our skills at your service to support you through every step of the installation of your computing cluster.

High Performance Storage

Storage is essential for the overall performance of your computation system; this is why we also build custom-made Lustre storage solutions. We provide performing and affordable parallel file systems that enable each cluster to benefit from the best HPC storage technology.

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Graphic Infrastructures

Simulation is not just about computation. Oxalya takes the whole chain of numerical simulation into account and provides you with solutions to make the most of the results of your computations. From GPU servers to remote visualization clusters, we have the solution that fits your uses.


As an independent company dedicated to HPC, Oxalya guides and supports you through the audit of your infrastructure or the writing of your specifications.


Whether your cluster is on premise or hosted, we address your specific needs with three levels of support, ranging from the operational system support to the full outsourcing of the management of your cluster. This offer relies on the strong partnership network of ISV and constructors we have been building for many years.

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