Who we are

Introduction with numbers

Octave Klaba creates what will become one of the leading IT companies in the world: OVH

Employees worldwide for a strong local presence spreading the values and practices of OVH

International branches managed by local teams with their own local websites in their own languages

OVH is the first web hosting company in Europe, so far #3 in the world (*Netcraft 2012)

OVH opens up to HPC and integrates Oxalya as a full-fledged trademark of the group

Servers in Europe ensuring the sustainability of the data of 4 millions customers

(up to)
servers a day coming off of our internal production line

(more than) deployed computing clusters provided to international customers

Years of Oxalya’s R&D contributing to gaining a strong expertise in software solutions and remote access

Average PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) has been recorded in our datacenters in 2012.

Tbps of network capacity deployed by OVH’s own global fibre optic network