What if you could spend time on what really matters?

HPCDrive results from years of R&D. Designed on a modular basis, our software suite will be your only entry point to access everything on your simulation shared resources.

Deployed on your shared simulation resources, HPCDrive will become your only entry point to easily access everything you can expect from high performance computing and visualization. Taking advantage from your HPC system has never been so easy.

HPCDrive's Main Features

Connection with your existing system

HPCDrive is a non-intrusive solution designed to interface with all your usual centralized tools. It easily connects to your existing simulation cluster components, without changing your infrastructure operations. Besides, your entire simulation environment remains the same. With HPCDrive, you access any of your applications, whether remote display solutions, elaborated custom solvers or more traditional market applications. Their regular behavior will never change.

Fully Automated, Simple For Your Users

HPCDrive is that simple: you only need a few clicks on the portal to book a session or submit a job. Do not worry about anything else, HPCDrive takes care of the rest: e.g. launching a session with the entire software stack, configuring the computing nodes, keeping you updated when your job is done...
Also, you access all of your hardware and software resources via the interface. HPCDrive is your single entry point to submit computing jobs, to visualize your results and of course to book interactive sessions. Everything becomes as easy as abc.

Visualization and Interactive Simulation

No need to invest anymore in a powerful workstation dedicated to each one of your engineers. HPCDrive natively integrates remote desktop technologies, so that you can even share desktop applications like CAD, Workflow Managers or any simulation applications.

Results Sharing

Save time and limit bandwidth-consuming transfers of large data by working remotely, directly on the data, where it is produced.
Centralize your computations results in order to facilitate their processing. Benefit from hardware-accelerated resources and work on the same shared machine.

Why Choose HPCDrive?

Gaining Time

By using HPCDrive, users will easily take the most of your shared resources, so you avoid time-consuming data transfers and therefore shorten your design cycles.

Increasing your Agility

HPCDrive’s license has been designed on a modular basis. You can choose the perfect components fitting your needs. If they evolve, you can easily make HPCDrive evolve with them.

Valuing the IT Management

Rights Management, quotas definition, resources usage and integration... With HPCDrive, you keep a total control over system administration. Because for us, this is a key factor for availability.

HPCDrive Interface Samples

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