Tired of choosing between Performance and Flexibility?

Choosing HPCSpot will offer you the agility you need to shorten your design cycles without invest massively in a heavy infrastructure. HPC is just a few clicks away.

Enter the HPC Cloud. Depending on your needs, you can select between SaaS and PaaS modes and access remote High Performance Computing and Visualization resources. Interactive simulation is just a simple Web browser away.
Welcome to a world of Performance and Flexibility
At Oxalya, we do know HPC. Based on almost 10 years of experience and expertise in deploying computing and visualization infrastructures, we have satisfied hundreds of customers.
When we have decided to design a HPC Cloud offer, you can be sure that our machines have the perfect fit to provide you with the best remote environment to get performance, flexibility and ease of use.

By subscribing HPCSpot you agree to enjoy dozens of user advantages among a user friendly Web interface based on our HPCDrive solution, physical machines, 10 GbE low latency, lB as an option, computing and visualization resources, security (interconnect is not on internet) and a full automated system.
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Who is it for?

Submit computing jobs on standard solvers and visualize the results.
- From 8 cents per core. hour
- Pay for compute time
- Immediate access
- Scalability
- Packaged solvers
A custom-made simulation cluster designed only for your needs.
- From 400€ per month
- Your own solvers
- Your own job queue
- User management
- Cluster size flexibility

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HPCSpot Interface Samples

  • Remote Visualization

  • Job Submission Interface

  • Job Detail

  • Viz Session