Lustre Expertise


For several years, HP & Oxalya have been partnering to bring highly innovative solutions to the market. Relaying on the huge hardware portfolio of the #1 worldwide HPC provider, Oxalya provides deep consulting and support services to its customers. Thanks to this partnership, Oxalya acquired a recognized expertise with HP hardware.

Oxalya’s engineers have thus developed a strong experience in implementing Lustre-based file systems, built with HP devices. That is why Oxalya can now offer a complete packaged Lustre storage solution and provide their customers with reliable, scalable and adaptable high performance file systems.

Lustre is a massively-parallel distributed file system, which can meet the needs for large data volumes storage and accesses. Instead of being stored in a single location, the file is fragmented and spread over different storage arrays, and concurrent accesses can be done in parallel, much faster. With Lustre it is possible to build file systems from 10TB to several petabytes.

Thus for the centres which need from 10TB to 1PB of High Performance storage in a reasonable budget, Oxalya has a solution.
This solution is based on HP ProLiant servers and HP P2000 Modular Storage Array.


A Lustre system has 3 major functional units:
- Metadata servers (MDS) which manage the names and directories in the file system. Generally a MDS server is connected to a Meta Data Target (MDT) that stores all the metadata necessary to locate and access the file fragments on the system.
- Object storage servers (OSS), which provide file I/O service and the connected Object storage (OST) where the data is stored.
- Client(s) which can be used to access the data contained on the file system.


The MetaData Server role is to manage the data from all the stored files. There are essential to locate all the file fragments distributed on the storage cluster.
To access a file stored on the Lustre, it is mandatory to first access the MDS server. It is a critical point in the Lustre architecture. That’s why a storage array with fast disks is connected to the server. Thanks to the fast disks the Lustre throughput is not impacted by metadata accesses.
To ensure high availability of the system, the MDS servers are configured as an active/passive pair. The MDS2 is passive and will only be active if the MDS1 server fails. In such case, the MDS2 server takes over the control of the MDS storage array.
Each Storage Server (OSS) drives only one storage array but is connected to both arrays. In case of failure of a server, the other one can take control over the two arrays, thanks to the Heartbeat technology.
Failover mechanisms:
To ensure the highest level of availability, it is necessary to integrate failover mechanisms. All the servers can be redounded to remove any critical element and ensure to save the file system available, regardless the failing server.


Oxalya has the competences to provide you with all the keys to manage by yourself your Lustre filesystem.
Our team is able to assist you in every step of your storage project:
In partnership with HP, Oxalya can help you deploy, configure and optimize your Lustre file system. Each installation can be tweaked to provide you with the best-suited solution to your needs (R/W performances, security, …).

In order to supply you with a solution that you can entirely control, the installation comes with a knowledge transfer session. You will be handed a personalized documentation of your installation. And our specialists team can teach your IT staff how to manage the Lustre infrastructure.

The storage system is a critical point of every computing infrastructure. This is why we have a dedicated team to give you the specific support you need without delay.

After the installation, Oxalya can also assist you using your Lustre file system with an advanced support offer, for specific tasks such as:
- Lustre filesystem configuration/optimization
- Update and evolution studies,
- User support
With our comprehensive offer (installation + training + support) you will be able to build the Lustre system you need at an affordable price. The high performance solution provided will be fully scalable and adaptable, and you will keep an entire control over it.