Spotlight on HPCSpot

Spotlight on HPCSpot

  • 03/04/2013

First product of the partnership between Oxalya, leader in High Performance Computing (HPC), and OVH, Europe’s number one in web hosting services, HPCSpot is currently available via a closed beta.

Benoît Vautrin, COO of Oxalya, details a preview of the main strong points of this original solution of Cloud HPC.

What are the applications of HPCSpot?

In a context of increased competitiveness, companies need to shorten their time to market and decrease their costs. We have designed HPCSpot as a solution that enables to make the access to numerical simulation easier, which is more accessible than a prototype development and accelerates the conception cycle.
One of the major advantages of this offer is that it covers all fields of use of HPC, from fluid dynamics to structure computations, including thermal computations as well as molecular chemistry. During the design of a car, for example, HPCSpot can be used from the development of a simple windshield wiper blade to the simulation of a crash-test.

Whom does HPCSpot address?

Our solution addresses all the companies that wish to get their costs under control, despite fluctuating simulation needs.
We know that depending on their project agendas, those needs can be subject to wide variations when it comes to material or software resources.
HPCSpot provides a real solution to this issue by replacing heavy investments (CAPEX) with the flexibility of leasing of resources on demand (OPEX) and this, without having to recruit specialists in high performance infrastructures management.

What are the specific features of this solution?

First of all, our customers benefit from physical machines that are specifically designed for scientific computing and visualization and not from mainstream virtualized infrastructures that are traditionally to be found in the SaaS. All the machines are interconnected with a low-latency network and have a secure remote access.
Another characteristic is that we take into account the whole regular numerical simulation chain (modeling, data preparation, computing, result processing) while concealing the complexity of such an infrastructure.
Last but not least, the whole solution of HPCSpot is hosted in a data center located in Europe, in Roubaix (France).

How can one use HPCSpot?

HPCSpot will be available on demand, on a pay-per-use basis, in order to address the users’ needs of flexibility.
In June, the pricing will be clear and published on our website. Then, depending on his project constraints, the customer will be able to choose between the utilization of a catalogue of pre-integrated software (SaaS mode) or a dedicated cluster (PaaS mode).
Finally, HPCSpot won’t require any installation on the user’ desktop since the whole offer will be directly accessible from a web browser.
Until the official opening of the offer, it will of course evolve so as to best address our customers’ expectations.

How does this offer take advantage of the expertise of Oxalya and OVH?

This first offer will combine the reputed know-how of OVH in the fields of Cloud Computing and server hosting with our solid proficiency in High Performance Computing, in which we are specialized in since 2005.
The synergy of both our expertises enables us to propose those turnkey offers at the best price.

*Source: Netcraft, November 2012.